The Research Team

The research team of the project PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0476 Economic Planning, Higher Education, and the Accumulation of Human Capital in Romania during Communism (1948-1989), financed by the National Research Council is the following:
- Professor Bogdan-Costin Murgescu
- Ph.D. Andrei Florin Sora
- Ph.D. Matei Gheboianu
- Ph.D. Valentin Maier
- Ph.D. Marius Traian Cazan
- Ph.D. Vlad Paşca
- Ph.D. Mirela Rotaru

The external collaborators which were part of the wider project team and are supporting its activities are:
-Professor Jan Sadlak (President of IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence).
-Professor Peer Pasternack (Director of Institut für Hochschulforschung an der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg).
-Professor Robert Reisz (Universitatea de Vest of Timişoara & Institut für Hochschulforschung an der Martin Luther, Universität Halle-Wittenberg).
-Ph.D. Lucian Nastasă (Scientific Researcher I, Institutul de Istorie „George Bariţiu” of Cluj-Napoca).